Internet Marketing

While a web site is essential to almost everyone who wants to market themselves on the internet, it is worthless if nobody sees it. Many organizations have built web sites at considerable expense, then left them on an island where nobody will ever visit them. This is a huge waste of money and you keep paying for hosting every year.

Whether you are building a new web site or already have an existing site, you need to take some steps to make sure your site is being found by your target audience. Not every method is appropriate or beneficial to every organization and we are experts at determining which strategies are best for you. An online retail store may need to use standard Search Engines, Pay Per Click Search Engines, Link Exchanges, Banner Advertising, Opt-in E-mail campaigns, Newsletter advertising and many other avenues to draw in customers. At the same time a web site for your local civic organization or small service business may be better off sticking to free Search Engines (Google, etc.), link exchanges and local directory sites.


Search Engine Optimization

We are experienced in improving search engine placement and know what it takes to rank high in the most popular search engines. From writing your META tags and Title and optimizing the words on the page to synchronize with your keywords to improving your Google Page Importance (link popularity), we know what it will take.

It takes a couple months to see the results, but we have successfully taken sites form total obscurity to top 10 (as high as #2 for phrases not including the organizations title and #1 with title) under a variety of key words and key phrases.

If you need help getting visitors to your web site, give us a holler and we will get the ball rolling today!

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