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Search Engine Submission


Before you submit to the search engines, you should either hire a reputable person/company to optimize your site and help you seek out appropriate incoming links, or spend several weeks studying search engine optimization so you can do it yourself (maybe). In fact, if this is done well, the search engines will find you long before they would ever act on your submission. Submissions to most search engines don’t result in any action for 3 months and some search engines don’t do anything with free submissions. If you want to get ranked and ranked high, you must be found when the search engine goes through a link to you from another well ranked site. I have written a number of newsletter articles on the subject and have a successful track record of dramatically improving website rankings.

Search Engine Optimization


We are experienced in improving search engine placement and know what it takes to rank high in the most popular search engines. From writing your META tags and Title and optimizing the words on the page to synchronize with your keywords to improving your Google Page Importance (link popularity), we know what it will take.

It takes a couple months to see the results, but we have successfully taken sites form total obscurity to top 10 (as high as #2 for phrases not including the organizations title and #1 with title) under a variety of key words and key phrases.

If you need help getting visitors to your web site, give us a holler and we will get the ball rolling today!

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